Darkroom experiments #1


I have been experimenting with Analog photography for the last six months. Not only has it been exciting, but addictive as well.  I do not think anyone can find better words than Master Tim Rudman in defining it:

The secret is, of course, the adventure that lies at the heart of darkroom work. It begins with the rush of adrenaline as the print detail materializes before your eyes in the developer and reaches its culmination with the wonderful sense of fulfilment in producing a unique piece of work.

Rudman, Tim. The Photographer’s Master Printing Course, Focal Press, 1994, p. 6.

The pic was taken last winter on a marvelous misty morning by the seaside, and it was printed on Ilford Multigrade FB Classic paper (neutral tone). It looks like that there are countless ways of improving misty images through all sorts of toning techniques: so, time to keep experimenting.





@ Teresa Huguet, 2016.
@ Teresa Huguet, 2016.