Darkroom experiments #3


Hello Everyone,

Today I would like to share my first experiment with an alternative technique called “Lith Printing”. Here you can find a brief description of the aforementioned process.

This is the “original” print on Ilford FB paper. Scan from print.

© Teresa Huguet 2015.
© Teresa Huguet 2015.

And here it is a lith print from the same negative.

Technical details:

Chemicals: Easy Lith (from Free Style), dilution 1:30.

Exposure 170” at f/8.

Development time: 14′ at 33º C.

Paper: Fomatone MG Classic 131 (glossy), from Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Scan from print.

© Teresa Huguet 2016
© Teresa Huguet 2016