Sunday Picture #19: On Patience

As disparate as the fields of Illness and Photography might be, one lesson can be drawn from both: patience, patience and more patience by trusting that the appropriate actor (had you considered the need of any), sooner or later, will enter your scene.

Happy, Happy Easter to you All.


© 2015 Teresa Huguet
© 2015 Teresa Huguet


9 thoughts on “Sunday Picture #19: On Patience”

  1. Hi Teresa:

    Your comment with respect to patience as it applies to both illness and photography is so true. Your image is great, love the lighting and the simplicity and that fact that while i am assuming it is Barcelona, it could be any street in Europe – well done.


  2. Having gone through two years (and counting) of serious health challenges, I can totally relate. Photography has been a wonderful way for me to focus my mind elsewhere while going through long periods of healing.

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